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The Lovebirds - Snapped.By.I.Am.Lost.Photography

“Six Albums That Helped Shape My Music Career” With The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds, who hail from San Diego, Ca, are today’s guests on our special feature of “Albums That Helped Shape My Music Career” and we couldn’t be more excited to share their picks with you!

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Like Moths To Flames

[PHOTO GALLERY] The All Stars Tour 2014 – Springfield, VA – 7/17/14

The fourth annual All Stars Tour made it’s way to W. Springfield, VA and we managed to catch some of the action!

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Purpose” EP by Noisia

Quite why Noisia aren’t a household name isn’t immediately apparent. Electronic dance music has dominated the mainstream of pop culture for years now, hugely successful producers locked in an arms race to create the most sanitised, faux-euphoric ‘anthems’ they possibly can. In fact, that’s probably where the answer lies – a world in which ‘#SELFIE’ […]

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The Resistance

ALBUM REVIEW – “The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways” by Crown the Empire

Though it was Green Day who really revived the idea of the concept album with American Idiot, the undisputed champions of narrative-driven collections of music in the 21st century have been My Chemical Romance. Seemingly here to take that band’s place after its dissolution, Crown the Empire have crafted an entire science-fiction universe to set their […]

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Life Reaper

ALBUM REVIEW – “Life Reaper” by I, The Breather

I, The Breather showed a lot of potential with their first couple records, both albums were solidly produced and written, but unfortunately couldn’t really provide anything to make ITB stand out. If anything they merely showed a group that was just a little too enamored with their genre peers for their own good. There were […]

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