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Rented World

ALBUM REVIEW – “Rented World” by The Menzingers

Exorcising one’s woes through music is a practice as old as the history of music itself. As such, lyrical cross-examination of one’s soul can be a tiring listen nowadays as it’s been done so often. But The Menzingers have proved that they’re better than most at encapsulating the demons life throws at us into words. […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Heavy Hearts” by For the Fallen Dreams

How much life is left in metalcore? How many more bands can emerge playing the same songs before the bubble bursts? Are some of these bands purposefully eschewing all creativity in order to impress record labels with how easy they are to sell, and settle as middling players doing the rounds of middling venues on […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Broken Crown Halo” by Lacuna Coil

Few recent singles have sounded as full of confidence as ‘Nothing Stands In Our Way’, the first taste of Broken Crown Halo. Coupled with suggestions by band members that a heavier direction was being pursued this time around, expectation levels for the new effort from Lacuna Coil were higher than they have been for a […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Devil” by Chiodos

As innovative and daring as they’ve been over the years, Chiodos have never quite delivered a wholly satisfying record that entirely realises their grand vision. Both their first two albums, with the now returned Craig Owens on vocals, showed that they were all brilliant musicians and had some really good ideas, but very rarely did […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Imaginary Enemy” by The Used

The post-hardcore boom of the mid-00s may have been somewhat overshadowed by recent developments within the genre, but many acts from the heyday, including The Used, retain intense cult followings and continue to delight fans on the live circuit. Recorded output from the band may have flown somewhat under the radar in terms of the […]

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