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Life Reaper

ALBUM REVIEW – “Life Reaper” by I, The Breather

I, The Breather showed a lot of potential with their first couple records, both albums were solidly produced and written, but unfortunately couldn’t really provide anything to make ITB stand out. If anything they merely showed a group that was just a little too enamored with their genre peers for their own good. There were […]

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Captive Son

ALBUM REVIEW – “The Dream State” By Captive Son

After years spent languishing untapped in various bands and projects, Aaron Mong, Grant Starkey and EJ Boutieller have finally made it.  The three core members of Captive Son each can lay claim to a whole lot of small town scene fame, but apparently they knew they were meant to make something in a very different direction […]

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Deadmau5 1

ALBUM REVIEW – “While 1<2" By deadmau5

When he isn’t participating in the Gumball Rally or taking critical dumps on the EDM scene, Joel Zimmerman makes music under the pseudonym Deadmau5.  For almost a decade now the electronic music scene has watched Zimmerman rise up to be something of a powerhouse, a household name to those who follow the genre. There is […]

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Album Review-”Missing Hours” By Conditions

     After eight years and six recorded releases, Conditions are calling it a day.  The Richmond group made their trade combining post-hardcore aggression and pop punk catchiness (and occasional sentimentality) in an excellent blend that translated perfectly to their unbridled live performances.  However, before finally turning out the lights, the group has decided to […]

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Real Album Cover TWA

ALBUM REVIEW – “Real” By The Word Alive

     Apparently metalcore still needs high energy “positive” bands. Now that The Color Morale and We Came As Romans have well worn out their welcome as the genre’s core spirit lifters, it seems time for another band to give that sound a shot. Enter Phoenix, Arizona’s The Word Alive. The quintet, currently signed to […]

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