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sleeping giant

ALBUM REVIEW – “Finished People” by Sleeping Giant

It is anthemic, a shade repetitive, in-your-face, singularly focused and all of that is totally ok, Finished People is yet another cry for the salvation of the world from Christian hardcore (Christcore? Can that be a thing?) staples Sleeping Giant. Since 2006 the band’s no-filter style has taken zero prisoners, made no apologies and undoubtedly saved some souls […]

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No Coast

ALBUM REVIEW – “No Coast” by Braid

     No Coast should not be an important album, it should be classified as a lame return of a collection of dusty musicians attempting to rekindle their old creative flames. This could not be a more inaccurate description of Braid’s latest effort. No Coast is equal parts punchy, emotive, fun, dynamic and highly original emo music. There’s […]

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ALBUM REVIEW-“In Humor and Sadness” by ’68

There is no doubt that, not long after The Chariot broke up in late 2013, the band’s voracious (think cult) fanbase was extremely pleased to hear that frontman Josh Scogin was furiously working on a new project. Rumors and social media posts began fleshing out details about the new project within just a few months […]

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Album Cover

ALBUM REVIEW – “Power Lines” by Mustered Courage

It can easily be said that, at the very least, one can just be glad Mustered Courage is not some stupid indie pop band borrowing bluegrass/folk influences for the sake of buying into a trend.  The actual writing, the detail and intricacy and instrumental prowess present is not some producer’s attempt to buy a band […]

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Life Reaper

ALBUM REVIEW – “Life Reaper” by I, The Breather

I, The Breather showed a lot of potential with their first couple records, both albums were solidly produced and written, but unfortunately couldn’t really provide anything to make ITB stand out. If anything they merely showed a group that was just a little too enamored with their genre peers for their own good. There were […]

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