[ALBUM REVIEW] – Digital Renegade – I See Stars (2012)

I See Stars
Digital Renegade
Sumerian Records
Released: March 13th 2012
★★★★☆ (4/5 Rating)

   “To learn is to grow, to grow is to prosper”, that is what best can be described as “Digital Renegade“, the third studio album by I See Stars. Having caught them live last year on the AP Tour, I feel as though they could find an evolution to their sound. A bit skeptical at first, as when I had read the sticker on the album, it stated “If Skrillex, Asking Alexandria, and Circa Survive had a love triangle, the result would be I SEE STARS.“, after listening to the album, I can agree in a way. While not sounding exactly like Circa Survive, I See Stars brought their hybrid sound of electronic sounds, with crushing guitars along with the vocal chemistry between clean vocalist Devin Oliver & screamer Zach Johnson to the next level on “Digital Renegade“. Songs such as “Summer Died In Connersville“, “Underneath Every Smile“, & “Filth Friends” document the evolution aforementioned, having the perfect blend of scream and clean vocals. Other songs such as “Electric Forest” (Featuring Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday) and “Endless Sky” (featuring Danny Worsnop Of Asking Alexandria) showcase I See Stars’ ability to expand in terms of breaching their comfort zone, considering Cassadee Pope (Pop Rock) & Danny Worsnop (Metalcore) make the opposite type of music. Fans of I See Stars who have yet to pick up “Digital Renegade” are in for a treat, as the band themselves have proved with this effort that they are here to continue their onslaught on the music scene.

NZT48 Lyric Video

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I See Stars is:

  • Devin Oliver
  • Jeff Valentine
  • Brent Allen
  • Andrew Oliver
  • Jimmy Gregerson
  • Zach Johnson



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