[ALBUM REVIEW] – Slave To The Game – Emmure (2012)

Slave To The Game
Victory Records
Released April 10th 2012

   Imagine listening to the same song for about half an hour on loop, the same breakdowns with lyrics mixed in about being breakups and arguments. That is what best can be described as the fifth studio “effort” from “deathcore” band Emmure. “Slave To The Game” is the follow-up to 2011’s “Speaker Of The Dead”, barely a year and a month separating the two album release dates. The release dates speak for the quality of the album as well as the rating this album is receiving on richardthinks.org. Having released the album just last year, with “Slave To The Game” being released this past Tuesday, the album as a whole feels uninspired and full of leftovers from the previous album. The beginning sounds a bit promising with the album starting with “Insert Coin“, someone walking into an arcade and inserting coins into a machine then that’s where the album begins. With “Protoman“, the lead single, it was the only highlight of the album with the rest of the album sounding like one huge wave of breakdowns. Having listened to the entire album, I was wondering “is this the same song or a different one?” but once “Protoman” ended I kept on listening while doing laundry, then I checked the track number and I was already at track eight! The album offers no replay value, the lyrics are childish such as “I couldn’t get over how quick you said goodbye. And so I sit and question why am i alive?” But then again this is coming from the same people that wrote “Drug Dealer Friends“, a sample of the lyrics from that song, “I wanna watch you suck his dick, I know you fucking love it bitch.” Alas, if you loved Emmure’s previous work and love their consistent 3 minute breakdowns, you will enjoy “Slave To The Game“.


Emmure Is:

Frankie Palmeri – Vocals
Jesse Ketive – Guitar
Mike Mulholland – Guitar
Mark Davis – Bass
Mark Castillo – Drums



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2 Comments on “[ALBUM REVIEW] – Slave To The Game – Emmure (2012)”

  1. macromedia dreamweaver April 18, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

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  2. Paul May 5, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    You know the friend in ‘drug dealer friend?’ It’s you. It really is. Do you lift or do anything in life beyond easy? If you did you would understand how this band gets in your head, drives you, they are like nothing else. Thankfully they are only getting better and not giving up, this album is the best yet. What is wrong with you? You need to come to some understanding about life and where these guys come from.

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