What Happened In Vegas Banned From Vans Warped Tour

Earlier today, Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Warped Tour, made an announcement calling out the band, What Happened In Vegas. Allegedly, the band was caught using fake laminates to get in and out of the venue until they were caught by security. What happened from there was their bar-codes on the fake laminates couldn’t be scanned by security which led to the ugly discovery. Lyman tweeted his disgust of the event and has since remained mum on further details. Later on, What Happened In Vegas has taken to their respective social networks to give their side of the story. In short, they explained their reason for creating the passes was to get and from their car to promote their band every day of the tour. The band was scheduled to perform at the Detroit stop of the Vans Warped Tour, which obviously, isn’t going to happen now.

Now, this wouldn’t be RichardThinks without expressing our opinion on the matter. If they wanted to promote their band, they could have done what all the bands do to promote themselves at festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour. Many bands bring an iPod or something that plays music along with headphones to let people waiting in line listen to their material. Another way is get a bunch of cd’s and burn their songs into them, and pass them out for free to people leaving the show. This just seems like a classic case of you’re not sorry you did it, you’re sorry you got caught. Having personally interacted with Kevin Lyman earlier this week, I can tell you he is a genuine person taking two minutes out of his very busy day to speak to an attendee of his festival that he’s been running for nineteen years. So when things like What Happened In Vegas did comes to light, it’s a shame that they stain the hard work Kevin Lyman and the Warped Tour crew put each and every day of the tour, every summer. True this might seem like a rant, or even giving WHIV free promotion; but we hope this sends a message out to every band on here, not to pull something like WHIV did. The “apologetic” video from WHIV can be seen down below, what are your thoughts on this? Sound off in the comments below. Am I the only one who hopes this might end up in Season 2 of Warped Roadies, obviously without mentioning, “What Happened In Vegas”. Can anyone confirm they’ve actually been to Las Vegas?

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