Paradise Fears Release New Song “Who You Are”

Paradise Fears have released a brand new song, “Who You Are”. Check out the song below, as well as an explanation of the song from the band.

This is a song we’re incredibly proud of – one of our favorites we’ve ever released. We feel, musically and lyrically, it’s a big step forward for our band, and we hope that you feel the same way. The song tells a story and communicates a message that’s very important to us, and we hope that you, in listening, experience the same sensation that we get from playing it every night.
If you do like it, please help us by sharing it. Whether that’s e-mailing the song to all of your friends, gifting the song on iTunes, posting the video on your Twitter, or just sharing this post, every new person, every new listen, means the world to us.
Thank you, as always, for continuing to support our band to the ends of the earth and back. Here’s to a new chapter for all of us.



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