ABIOTIC Post Rehearsal Footage For New Track

Abiotic have spent the last few weeks preparing for their upcoming Fall tour with death metal legends, Dying Fetus. In addition to usual tour preparations, the band has welcomed new vocalist Dickie Allen to their lineup. Allen, who previously fronted fellow Floridians Dealey Plaza, joins guitarists Johnathan Matos and Matt Mendez, along with bassist Alex Vazquez and the band’s other recent addition, drummer Aaron Stechauner. To warm fans up to the revamped lineup, Abiotic has released a clip of a brand new track, “Perceptive Impurity,” recorded at a recent band rehearsal. Watch that video now HERE.

Guitarist Johnathan Matos comments on the addition of Dickie Allen to the lineup: “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome such a talented individual into the band. We’ve never been stronger or more driven and everyone will be able to see that with a brand new song we’ll be playing on the Dying Fetus run. Get ready for album two!”

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