Sky Came Burning Premiere “Remora” Music Video

Up and coming Baltimore, MD metalcore outfit SKY CAME BURNING have been hosting a countdown on their social sites for the past several days, leading up to the release of their highly-anticipated new music video for the track ‘Remora’. The video is directed by Drewsif Stalin and was just posted via the band’s official YouTube page at this link:

‘Remora’ is cut from the band’s upcoming EP Vertigo, set for release early next year. The track and video depict a man who has found the love of his life, only to have her cheat on him. He dreams about killing her, and having her come back to life as a better person. When he wakes up, she has left him.

To stick with the positive DIY approach that they are recognized for, the band called on real friends and band members to join the video as actors. “My girlfriend was a good sport about pretending to be our guitarist Jeff’s girlfriend,” chuckles Drummer Randall James. “Although we originally planned on using actors, in the end we decided to take matters into our own hands and put our personal stamp on it. All in all, the video came out better than we could have ever imagined.”

Randall continues, “Working with director Drewsif Stalin was great, and he was a great sport about us tearing his house/yard apart. He has great vision and direction and we’re looking forward to working more with him in the future. We hope our fans are as excited to see the concept of one of our songs take shape in this video.”


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