Area 52 – RichardThinks Band Of The Week (11/05/13)

This week’s edition of RichardThinks Band Of The Week will be familiar with our readers. Area 52, who hail from Annapolis, MD, are on this week’s edition of #RTBOTW! The band formed in 2009, having made a name for themselves around the local Maryland scene until the fall of 2011 where the band parted ways. Fortunately, the band reunited less than a year later and are the prime example of hard work and dedication can overcome all obstacles. Their debut EP, “Insanity Reigns”, was released this past summer and is a testament to the band’s career. We sat down with all three members of Area 52 for this week’s edition of RichardThinks Band Of The Week to discuss their EP, the brief split, reuniting and the future. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for a new edition of ‘RichardThinks Band Of The Week’!

First, can you please introduce yourselves & tell us your role in the band.

Sam-I smoke a lot of weed(used too), I play bass, I scream, and I love bad bitches cause that’s my fucking problem.

Jeff-Hi, my name is Tyler Durden, I don’t give a fuck about everything and anyone and shit doesn’t matter man. Things own you, you don’t own them.

Trip- I’m Trip Cahouet, I play the membranophone and also the cymbals.

With so many bands emerging in today’s scene, how do you believe Area 52 stands out?

Sam-We are being praised for being unique after for our set, it’s humbling for us.

Jeff-We spend all our time with our thumbs in our asses saying what we are gonna do instead of doing it.

Trip- What makes us stand out is the fact that we can be a powerhouse with so little members because every single duty is occupied.

Can you give us a brief history on Area 52?
Sam-Tree fiddy

Jeff-I broke these two losers out of prison and said, “let’s set the world on fire” and they said “nah let’s start a band”.

Trip-We met in the Priddy Guitar Academy in 2009 and began writing original material right before we left the Academy.  Many members came and went before the line up was solidified and now we here

How did you pick the name for the band?

Trip- We didn’t pick it, it was assigned.

If you could pick three words to describe your band, what words would you pick?

Sam-fuck shit up

Jeff-biggest cunts ever

Trip-metal upyo ass

What has been the biggest accomplishment for the band to date?

Trip-The Insanity Reigns Release Show

Starting off, the band reunited around this time last year, what inspired getting back together?

Sam – We missed each other

Jeff- I was eating a girl out and her pubic hair was trimmed out saying “get the band together”

Trip – I initiated it because I found out that I needed to be in a metal band with Sam and Jeff because we made what I believed to be an ideal metal band.

How did the band work past the differences that caused the break-up?

Sam -Cannabis

Jeff – Sam broke down and sucked Trip’s dick after Trip pleaded with him for 5 months.

Trip – Despite it being a cliché answer, time really does heal all wounds.  Plus, we had a sacred bonding session with the members of Rings of Saturn on April 20th, 2012, which may or may not have inspired the reunion.

What advice would you give to newer bands that are having differences and move past them?

Sam-Buy about an eighth and buy lots of pizza and jam

Jeff-  Act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch.  End of story.

Trip – If you’re in a band, do know that you’ll generally be around your band members all the time. Being in a band is kinda like a sibling relationship, just talk shit out.

The band has had several line-up changes, not many bands can survive drastic line-up changes, how did the band move past them?

Sam-  Play without them

Jeff-  Trip and Sam are the only members that never figured out that I piss in their cereal

Trip-We are lucky that every song we’ve written has been written with all 3 of us in the band.  It’s not like it’s Metallica and some songs are attributed to Dave Mustaine, Cliff Burton, or Jason Newsted.  No matter which songs they are, they all have the Trip, Sam, and Jeff “stamp”.  So we’ve gotten to move past the line-up changes by solidifying our musical identity, regardless of the past members.

Your debut EP, “Insanity Reigns”, was released this past July, how has reception been so far?

Sam-All my friends like it

Jeff-None of my friends like it

Trip-Reception has been dope, it was great seeing everyone going nuts during our set at the Insanity Reigns Release Show and seeing positive feedback from our fans.  The EP is best experienced live, and seeing an entire audience enjoy it from start to finish was very gratifying.

Some of the tracks date back all the way back to 2010-2011, which song in particular on the EP went through the most changes?


Jeff-Investigative Murder Porn

Trip- Not My Forte

Is there any song in particular that means the most to you?
Sam-Not My Forte

Jeff-The outro to Juice 2

Trip-Liberator because it’s the usually the highest point of our set, and it’s the first song Jeff wrote fully.

14. With the EP released, what’s next for Area 52?

Sam-Death coreeee!!! (ribbet ribbet)

Jeff-We’re gonna steal the Declaration of Independence [Sam: I’m gonna use it after Chipotle]

Trip-More music and more shows and more money and more hoes

15. Anything else you’d like to add?

Sam-[Plays the outro to Corrupt Conspiracy’s “Lettuce Eat You”]

Jeff-If you ever win the lottery don’t spend it on Beanie Babies

Trip-Support your local metal scene or it will go away forever.   Also, buy the new Korn album.

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