Former Decapitated Drummer Releases Audition Videos For Slipknot

Former Decapitated drummer, Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, has posted online video footage performing “Eyeless” and “People = Shit” by Slipknot. Check out the footage below, and we daresay if anyone has a good shot of filling Joey Jordison’s shoes, it’s Krimh.

This is an audition video!
There is no official audition going on but I want to give it a shot just in case the band is searching for a new drummer. I have always liked this band and their music.
They influenced me quite a lot in my early years of drumming.
We used no triggering or drum replacements on this recording.All natural sound! Drums were recorded in Vienna AUSTRIA by my friend Norbert Leitner.
I have to say it wasn’t as easy as i thought. This album was recorded without a click track which means you have to really feel this song to play through.
I hope you like it!


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