Song Review – “Naysayer” by Architects (UK)

From second one, Sam Carter’s vocals attack the ears with support from the aggressive but impressive drumming and background instrumentation. I found myself enchanted by the infectious vocals as Carter commands his audience and carries the three minute and a half song on his own two feet. The song then hits a breakdown at the one minute mark and one near the end, both of which will charge up an audience at concerts that are yet to come with some deadly mosh pits. Although I said Carter takes control of the track, this wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for the guitar melodies in this song, which will have you head banging for days, maybe even months to come when listeners go back to induce nostalgia. Carter hits some pretty great highs in the song such as the ones in the chorus, which listeners can be nothing but enchanted by. They will be chanting the words in their head if not out loud for a while. This is a perfect track for Architects to release as a preview to their new album and a great way to start off the year. It can only hint the greatness that is expected and soon to come. Because of this song’s power, I will be keeping a close watch on this album and it has found a place in my list of anticipated albums this year. I can confidently say that “Naysayer” will be on repeat for days to come. Be sure to check out the song below if you haven’t already, guys. You will regret nothing, I promise. Lost Forever // Lost Together hits the shelves on March 11, 2014.

Rating: 5/5

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