RichardThinks’ Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014

Another year has come and gone, and 2013 was full of great releases! Now looking ahead, we highlight some of our most anticipated releases from music below. Did any of our choices make any of your lists? Let us know! We think it’s going to be another excellent year for music, especially with all the unexpected releases from bands and artists who haven’t publicly announced their plans for the year! Let’s not forget last year’s surprise Fall Out Boy reunion! Without further ado, our list for this year’s Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014 are as follows!


Memphis May Fire – Rise Records – Release Date: March 25th

After the release of “Challenger”, the popularity of Memphis May Fire has increased ten-fold and took the band on sold-out tours as well as a Main Stage slot on the 2013 edition of the Vans Warped Tour. Aspiring to not create “Challenger” 2.0, the band have made it clear they still want to continue growing instead of recreating previous efforts. If the band’s past efforts show any indication in their continued success, “Unconditional” will continue their ascent to the top.

DeadSaraDead Sara – Epic Records – Release Date : TBA/TBA
Dead Sara grew to be one of the most exciting new bands in 2012 when they released their self-titled debut album and have grown into a powerhouse act to opening for the likes of The Used, The Offspring, and even Muse. Their live show is a statement to the meaning of “rock and roll” and we can’t wait to see what their new album brings to the table. Go for the kill indeed.

Issues – Rise Records – Release Date: 02/18/14
Having stormed headfirst into the scene with their debut EP, “Black Diamonds”, along with touring with the likes of Silverstein, A Day To Remember and Pierce The Veil; one would think to think that ISSUES have accomplished every band’s dreams by having a fantastic debut year. The band are still hungry for more and by the sounds of the band’s first two singles released from their debut self-titled album, they’re coming and going straight to the top and then some.


Foo Fighters – Release Date : TBA
I have to admit, I was saddened when word got out that the Foo Fighters were going to take a break after their world tour for “Wasting Light”. That sadness was short-lived when Dave Grohl had announced last February the band was to begin working on new material. Foo Fighters continue to be a shining example of what rock and roll is truly about and with the upcoming release of their new album, it will continue the legacy and keep the spirit of rock and roll alive.


The Word Alive – Fearless Records – Release Date : TBA – Spring

The Word Alive had a fantastic touring cycle for their last album, “Life Cycles”. It couldn’t be more of an exciting time for the band as they are in the stages of producing their third studio album. It will be the first to feature new drummer, Luke Holland, as well as the album being produced by Cameron Mizell and John Feldmann who both have produced some of our favorite albums. 2014 and beyond seem to be looking great for The Word Alive, and their die-hard fan-base will be with them every step of the way.


Halestorm – Atlantic Records – Release Date : TBA

To say “The Strange Case Of..” was a success for Halestorm would be a huge understatement. Winning a Grammy for the lead single, “Love Bites”, sold out tours weeks to months in advance, and becoming a staple at many festivals, it’s safe to say Halestorm are at the top of their game now. Now taking a break to focus on the group’s third album, it will be interesting to see, or rather hear, where this upcoming album will take the group next.


Suicide Silence – Nuclear Blast – Release Date: TBA
With the death of Mitch Lucker, and the addition of ex-All Shall Perish frontman, Eddie Hermida; it’s going to be interesting to see where Suicide Silence goes from here. All eyes are on Suicide Silence awaiting for the first official new studio material featuring Hermida.

Slipknot – Roadrunner Records – Release Date: TBA

The saga of Slipknot has been a long and painful one for the band and fans alike. With the death of Paul Gray and the departure of Joey Jordison, maggots (the name of Slipknot’s fanbase) everywhere have begun wondering if the band will cease to exist? Fortunately, Corey Taylor has assured fans the band will continue and have already begun work on their much anticipated fifth studio album. Evident with the Time will tell what the future holds for Iowa’s finest, the whole world is watching and waiting as whatever transpires will be spoken about for years to come.


We Are The In Crowd – Hopeless Records – Weird Kids – Release Date: 02/18/14

It’s an exciting for the Poughkeepsie quintet, anticipation is high throughout the band’s dedicated fan base, waiting on February 18th for the release of the band’s sophomore album, “Weird Kids”.  We’ve been fans of the group since the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP, “Guaranteed To Disagree” and are excited for where “Weird Kids” will take the group. From the three songs the group has released, it’s sure to be We Are The In Crowd’s most ambitious release yet.


Linkin Park – Warner Bros. Records – Release Date : TBA

No “Most Anticipated” list on RichardThinks would be complete without the band that introduced me to music. A little bit of history, I was introduced to music by accident when I was browsing my Dad’s library and stumbled upon “Live In Texas” by Linkin Park. Watching the performance from the DVD immediately dragged me into the music scene headfirst and the rest is history. Love them or hate them, Linkin Park continue to be a force to be reckoned with and have proven time and time again that they aren’t afraid to push their creative boundaries which is evident in the releases after Meteora. I, for one, cannot wait to see what the group will bring next to the table.

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