Song Review – “No Ordinary Love” by Memphis May Fire

Well, I didn’t expect to see a release so soon so it hit me like a train when I heard the word spreading about a new Memphis May Fire song. This song is definitive Memphis May Fire; featuring familiar gritty unclean and clean vocals from Matty Mullins backed by metal core riffs a pretty catchy hook in the chorus. I can practically feel the Southern guitar riffs that the Dallas-based band brings to the table, which is nostalgic of earlier releases. This song has a sound that is more reminiscent of “The Hollow” opposed to their most recent release titled “Challenger.” This is pretty typical Memphis May Fire in terms of song structure and composition. However, the bridge near the end had me surprised because they have never created anything like it until now. While it isn’t a bad song, I hope that I see more diversity and new ideas on the table by the time their new album is out. Memphis May Fire’s next studio release “Unconditional” hits the shelves March 24, 2014 through Rise Records.

Rating: 4/5


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