ALBUM REVIEW – “To Whom It May Concern” by Sylar

It’s 2014 and nu metal is BACK. The latest generation of breakthrough heavy bands are embracing the danceable grooves and willingness to incorporate sounds far beyond the metal spectrum that all the greats of the turn of the millennium employed in their songs, tricks and techniques that have been scorned for years now once again becoming common. Issues, My Ticket Home, Dangerkids, even more established acts like Of Mice & Men are embracing the nu, and Sylar are the latest young hotshots ready to party like it’s 1999. Like their fellow revivalists they’ve updated the template for the modern scene, fusing pit-ready breakdowns and dubstep flourishes into the downtuned dirge and hip-hop bounce, To Whom It May Concern perhaps best labelled as nu metalcore.

The first two songs proper establish the Sylar approach – crunching metalcore style riffs with more of a focus on rhythm than rage, spiced up with dashes of electronica and big, radio ready choruses. ‘Prescription Medication’ makes good use of vocalist Jayden Panesso’s distinctive tones (his clean singing is vaguely reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato) to hook the listener. Even the more contemporary-sounding tracks are wrapped in a grimy production sleeve that harks back to the mid 90s, giving songs like ‘Yours Truly’ an intriguing rawness that sets them apart from their peers. Numerous songs here would inspire havoc on a rock club floor, impressively crafted nuggets of euphoric heaviness that are equal parts viciousness and accessibility.

At times, the nu metal influence comes completely to the fore. ‘Two-Timer’ and ‘Spitting Image’ are strongly reminiscent of Korn in their dissonant riffs, while ‘Golden Retreat’ has all the brashness of a Limp Bizkit classic. The band mostly put enough of a spin on things to ensure that To Whom It May Concern is more than imitation, striking a clear identity of their own through their heavier approach – meanwhile, the two entirely electronic interludes ensure the album flows very nicely. There are some weaker songs – ‘Never Let It Go’ is so redolent of Linkin Park that it comes off as a Meteora B-side. The lowest ebb by far is ‘Substance’, descending into Attila-level tedium of monotonous chugging, but it’s thankfully an anomaly.

An inconsistent collection of songs with clear high and low points, To Whom It May Concern shows more than anything else the raw potential of a band with intriguing ideas who occasionally overstretch their reach. Sylar are clearly a group with the scope to create an excellent and intriguing album. While this time around they’ve only been able to do the latter, they’ve certainly set out their stall as ones to watch for the future. Embrace the nu.

Rating: 7/10

[Michael Bird]

‘Prescription Medication’




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