CONCERT REVIEW – I See Stars, Like Moths To Flames, Ghost Town and Miss Fortune take over Baltimore

A lineup to bring the house down hit Baltimore Maryland at the Soundstage last Friday night. With their new album ‘New Demons’ coming out half a year ago I See Stars is still in full swing touring to support the release of it. On yet another headlining tour the group brought along the Ohio gang Like Moths To Flames fronted by Chris Roetter, the energetic electronic group Ghost Town and the Sumerian signed rockers in Miss Fortune. The EHM scene seems to be ever thriving. The quintet Miss Fortune opened up the night with more than enough energy to get the crowd going. Mikey Sawyer’s memorizing voice threw the crowd into full concert mood; coming out as a very impressive opener. Having a sound like a reborn and better Sleeping With Sirens the band definitely gained plenty of new followers over the course of the tour, and in the night alone. Their new album ‘A Spark To Believe’ came out yesterday the 19th; just in time to keep the new fans attached. With the album already reaching #5 on the iTunes rock chart the band has nothing but a bright future ahead of them.

It was apparent the crowd was filled with ‘ghosts’ when California resident members of Ghost Town took the stage. The electronic based group catered to the young generation of today while still contributing the hardcore style that made them perfect for this bill. Some might argue that their lyrics are mediocre but front man Kevin McCullough carries out all the notes perfectly. The bands recordings lack no energy and neither do their live performances. Even if their ‘punk/goth/grunge/’ style of rock and McCullough’s spiked creepers aren’t your cup of tea, the group puts on an amazing performance.

A band already way ahead of the game for a few short years, Like Moth To Flames really awakened the crowd into a true hardcore show with crowdsurfers and mosh pits during almost every song. The bands fresh and unique sound in the metal scene set the crowd ablaze as they opened with ‘You’ll Burn’ and the energy for the unarguably heaviest band of the night lasted till they ended with ‘You Won’t Be Missed.’ If this was your first or twenty first Like Moths To Flames show, any fan, new or old, would quickly become passionate about the groups songs as well as the members of the band themselves. With the band taking a small break between the end of their tour alongside I See Stars fans will be even more excited for the appearance on ‘The All Stars Tour’ this coming summer.

While many songs from New Demons filled the setlist for I See Stars they didn’t fail to satisfy fans who hope and pray for older songs. ‘Electric Forest’ made the list which pleasantly surprised many in the crowd who had the strength to refrain from looking at the setlist prior to attendance. But unlike many new albums that may disappoint any 4+ fan ‘New Demons’ swiftly moved to the top of the bands best albums. You can find a different meaning in every song to relate to and I See Stars didn’t fail at creating an album heavier than ‘Digital Renegade’ along with incredible EHM, No I See Stars fan should have any trouble figuring out who ‘Violent Bounce (People Like You)’ is about but on a more passionate and family-oriented note ‘Murder Mitten’ brings a sense of unity to the already linked group of thousands who find an escape in the music. From the die-hard fans shoved up against barricade with the I See Stars ‘i’ painted on their face to the “macho men” throwing down in the pit all the way to the back of the room, I See Stars brought the house down with their never dying energy and enthusiasm for playing shows.

Good reviews all around, not just for I See Stars, but all the bands. Each act brought something different to the table that made this show and night to remember. Check out I See Stars headlining The All Stars Tour this summer!

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