[PHOTO GALLERY] The All Stars Tour 2014 – Springfield, VA – 7/17/14

The fourth annual All Stars Tour made it’s way to W. Springfield, VA and we managed to catch some of the action! Unfortunately, due to transportation issues, I See Stars couldn’t make it to the venue, but the rest of the eclectic line-up more than satisfied fans who attended! Special thanks to staff member, Sarah Eckstine, for providing coverage of the show! Be sure to check out her official photography page!


Sworn In released their critically acclaimed debut album, “The Death Card”, last year and their fan base has grown exponentially since then. Despite being one of the acts that performed early in the evening, fans threw down and unleashed chaos as if they were the headlining act.

Call it a return or say he never left, but Jonny Craig’s new band, Slaves, had come on to downplay all the naysayers of Jonny’s rise. Slaves showcased most of their debut album, “Through Art We Are All Equals”, in their set and fans were singing along to every word.

Like Moths To Flames have been on the road for the majority of the past year supporting their sophomore album, “An Eye For An Eye”, on tour. Marking their first appearance on the All Stars Tour, the pits and seemingly endless amount of crowdsurfing that occurred during their set was a testament to their success.


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