“Three Albums That Shaped My Music Career” With Starling Glow

Starling Glow, featuring vocalist Liz Anne Hill from LA along with her band have recently released their music video for their debut single, “We Are Infinite“. The single quickly reached the top 20 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart. The band will soon be releasing a highly anticipated self-titled album blending together a pop style, dance music and indie. Below are three records that helped influence Liz and her musical taste.

Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt

I remember my sister coming home from the record store (back when those still existed) with “Tragic Kingdom”. We must have played that record on repeat for months. It was the first album that I committed every word to memory. Even though we were just kids at the time, the lyrics felt so relatable, especially knowing that No Doubt was from our home town.

Give Up – The Postal Service

I am a huge Death Cab fan, and though both “Plans” and “Transatlanticim” both had a fair shot to make this list, the melodies of The Postal Service’s “Give Up” separate it from the pack. This entire record fills so many emotional niches all at once- it’s melodic and upbeat all the while being droning and melancholic. Man, it gets me every time, and there’s not a single track I’d skip.

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends – Coldplay

I love this record. It feels cinematic from start to finish… I mean, just the vibe from the drum beat on “Cemeteries of London” is so powerful… Meanwhile, the lyrics of the record deal with such universal and massive themes with creativity and reverence. To this day, “Lost” is at the top of my “songs to cover” list.

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