ALBUM REVIEW – “Tinnarose” by Tinnarose

The definition of an indie pop band has been stretched with the unique and riveting sounds of Tinnarose. This band isn’t the typical indie album where every song sounds similar and even more, the album doesn’t sound like all the other recent indie albums released. Tinnarose’s sound demonstrates their desire to break out of the traditional indie sound, with stimulating lyrics, riveting choices of instrumentation and a variation of musical styles.

On a first listen through of the album, the listener may be confused, but this isn’t a bad thing. The range of sounds are intriguing, allowing the listener to take another shot at the album in understanding exactly what Tinnarose created. The album starts off with a fun, upbeat song, (“When You’re Gone”) exemplifying their talented, high pitched, and at times, impressing shrilling vocals, and then going to a song showcasing their brilliant harmonies (“Hard Loving You”). The album then continues to get more abstract with their instrument choices. Resembling a beach like sound, Tinnarose incorporates bongos, shakers, and quick plucking of an acoustic guitar in the song titled, “She Is My Maker”. The album displays a funky and edgy vibe with the song, “Monster” with the use of jazzy beats and instruments, including a saxophone duet that blends in so perfectly with the rest of the enticing 70’s sound that can easily be heard.

Some people may still be confused after listening to the album a few times and argue that Tinnarose does not have their own sense of musical style. People may say the band needs to collaborate in understanding what vibe they want to portray and this will help them become more recognizable and respected. The vocals are very clean and precise and to some, this may not be the best thing to mix with such liberal instrument choices and beats. The mind boggling matter with Tinnarose is whether or not listeners will enjoy the constant unpredicted changes in mood and sound throughout the album and even the abrupt alterations within each song.
Tinnarose has created an unexpected and far from traditional indie pop album. It is intriguing and exciting to hear an album taking risks with its sound. This album deserves to be recognized for its originality as well as the never ending musical talent.

Rating : 8.5/10

Shannon Williams

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