“Three Albums That Shaped My Music Career” With Diamante

Teen Rocker Diamante recently released her single “Bite Your Kiss” which has moved to #3 on the “Billboards Hot Singles Sale” chart since it’s release.

Today Diamante reveals what three albums helped inspire her in her music career. For more information on Diamante, be sure to check out her official website.

Avril’s “The Best Damn Thing” was pretty much my pre-teen anthem. I remember running around my room belting her lyrics and thinking I was so badass. That album definitely started the spunk in me that I carry today.

Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock and’ Roll” is one of my favorites because I find the whole concept of saving each style of rock brilliant. I also take a lot of inspiration musically because every track is insanely great.

Paramore’s “Riot” was the album that influenced me the most vocally. It was with this album that I developed a more raspy and gritty tone. Up until “Riot”, I had always sung along to more pop-sounding music. This one took my vocal style to a different world.

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