ALBUM REVIEW – “Into The Wide” by Delta Spirit

Very rarely is an album released that has little, to no flaws. But it is not impossible. And Delta Spirit’s new album, “Into The Wide” is proof. Matthew Vasquez has a voice unlike any other, consisting of power and raw emotion. The talent of the guitar speaks as though it were another voice of the group And the drums do not disappoint in any way at all. Together, Delta Spirit, exemplifies that they are a band who has true talent.

The lyrics in this album, may seem simple at a first listen, as they often are the same words repeated many times. But take another listen, and a close one this time. Then you will understand it in a completely different manner. This album has meaning and it is made quite obvious that the band is trying to make a statement about various issues. These lyrics are deep and can touch you, not just from the words, but the repetition really drives home the point and the passion heard with the changing in Vasquez’s tone shines through more than anything. His voice is able to give the same word multiple meanings by increasing intensity. Not many vocalists have this ability.

Over many years, Delta Spirit has released album after album and their sound has continued to change. They began with a very indie, almost folk sound with their instrumentation. It can be argued that Delta Spirit is known and has become popular because of their common use of the harmonica and piano. These instruments have become a statement of the Delta Spirit sound. This is not the case for “Into The Wide”. They do not include these instruments, hardly at all. Instead, they have been replaced with a keyboard and a synthesizer. Many will argue that their sound has changed too much at this point. People may even say that they have become too mainstream and almost pop like, but this is Delta Spirit; is that even possible? Not really. Yes, their sound has changed and it can be argued whether or not you prefer their old sound to this new sound, but there is no denying that this album alone, without any comparison to their old sound, is straight up powerful in every aspect.


Shannon Williams

delta spirit

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