[Show Review + Gallery] The Hope Revolution Tour – 9/14/14 – 930 Club

The Hope Revolution Tour featuring co-headliners Hawthorne Heights and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus hit DC’s 9:30 Club on September 14th. Nostalgia was in the air all around as Hawthorne Heights performed their landmark album, “The Silence In Black And White” and RJA played a “Greatest Hits” set.

Famous Last Words, hailing from Michigan took the stage as the first band on the tour package. They played a quick & heavy set, helping set the stage for co-headliners Hawthorne Heights & Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Setlist: 1. Letter to the Council 2. Council of the Dead 3. Brothers in Arms 4. The Show Must Go On, Pt. 1 5. One in the Chamber 6. To Play Hide and Seek With Jealousy

Hawthorne Heights took the stage next, marking their first return to 9:30 Club since the death of their guitarist/screamer Casey Calvert. This tour marks the 10 year anniversary of their album The Silence in Black and White, and Hawthorne Heights played the album in it’s entirety. All the members seemed really excited to play a set that’s out of the ordinary, and in a celebratory manner. If you’re a die hard fan of Hawthorne Heights, this set is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Setlist: 1. Life on Standby 2. Dissolve and Decay 3. Niki FM 4. The Transition 5. Blue Burns Orange 6. Silver Bullet 7. Screenwriting an Apology 8. Wake Up Call 9. Sandpaper and Silk 10. Speeding Up The Octaves 11. Bring You Back 12. Ohio Is for Lovers

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus closed out the show, to a slightly smaller crowd but still managed to to go out with a bang. They powered through a 12 song, 60 minute set, closing out the night with their hit single “Face Down”.

Setlist: 1. Atrophy 2. Misery Loves It’s Company 3. False Pretense 4. The Right Direction 5. Justify 6. Am I The Enemy 7. Damn Regret 8. In Fate’s Hands 9. Cat And Mouse 10. Your Guardian Angel 11. California 12. Face Down

All Photos by Terry Dobbins (Scenes of Madness Photography)

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