ALBUM REVIEW – “The Angst In My Veins” by Capsize

It is a really good thing The Angst In My Veins is an amazing record because the title is an utterly annoying piece of wordcraft that leaves a taste of bad 2006 emo-pop on the tongue. Granted it’s taken from the title of one of the songs, but still.

First things first: this is a heavy record, in more ways than one. Capsize fall firmly in the realm of melodic hardcore, mashing together beatdown-esque licks, d-beats, and icy bitter guitar lines into a pounding frenzy. Being a melodic hardcore band means this record feels like one giant pool of once bottled up distress, because the world just has to know how Capsize feels.

This is no cloyingly cliche series of plaid adorned scowl faced jams, there is enough of a mix and match of various aspects of Capsizes influences/peers to make sure Angst doesn’t ever get stale. The breakdowns pass on to shrill post rock tremolo blasts, or a two-step tempo section will make its entrance, or something of the sort.

Capsize are not a one trick pony, yes occasionally the constant roaring wears heavy on the listener, but having a ringing in your ears will do that, just mosh along and everything will balance out. That lack of dynamic is exactly the point of the genre, it literally exists to be a constant blaring panic call, to bridge the band’s hearts with the listeners.

Mind you, this is a debut record, Capsize, despite putting together an album that meets all the expectations, and exceeds them, still have nowhere to go but up, in a delightful metaphorical sense that is. Go pick up The Angst In My Veins and rage, then wait for Capsize to blow up and make something even better.


Max Robison

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