[PHOTO GALLERY] After The Burial, Texas In July, I Declare War, & More – W. Springfield, VA – 09/28/14

This night’s turn to host at Empire in Springfield, Virginia was After the Burial and supporting bands Texas in July, I Declare War, Reflections, Come the Dawn.

Come the Dawn: Return of these guys since their last visit to empire with I the Breather and they did not disappoint. Starting off the night after a couple of local bands, you could tell these guys were ready to put on a great performance even before they started.

Reflections: With the absence of their second guitar player, these guys still put on a great show. Super heavy riffs throughout the entire set and shook the venue. This was my second time watching them live and enjoyed it the same, if not more, than the first.

I Declare War was a band that I’ve heard of before but never actually listened to them but I was impressed by how good of a live show they gave. The expression the vocalist’s face was very intense and he fed off the energy of the crowd which showed in his performance. Really enjoyed watching these guys.

Texas in July was up next and I’ve listened to them before just not as much but I’m definitely checking out more of their work. High energy performance especially from the bassist who had such a presence on stage along with the vocalist who both took advantage of having risers. Vocalist enjoyed being over the audience while some fans jumped up to sing along to their songs. Be sure to check out our review of Texas In July’s latest album, “Bloodwork”!

After the Burial: The set that everyone was waiting for, After the Burial. Great stage set up first of all, strobe lights and fog machines that gave the whole set that dark mysterious look. With the addition of neon and glow in the dark guitars that added to the look. All you saw during each breakdown was silhouettes of each member of the band while strobes went off. This was my first time seeing ATB live since the release of their latest album and I was blown away by how heavy their material sounds live.

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