CONCERT REVIEW – Delta Spirit – 9:30 Club – Washington D.C. – 10/03/14

After recently releasing their new album, ‘Into The Wide’, Delta Spirit has begun their tour. They took the stage at the 9:30 Club in D.C., one of the first shows of the tour, this past Friday, 10/3. There is no confusion as to why this was a sold out show.

Delta started off heavy and ended heavy. Not just with volume, but with emotion. This is by far,
the most intense show I have seen when it comes to the emotional aspect. And this is coming from someone who regularly attends shows. The lead singer, Matt Vasquez, put every bit of raw feeling he had into these lyrics, and live, his passion was clear. His facial expressiodelta spirit2ns pulled the crowd in. Anyone there could tell what his lyrics meant to him whether it be angry, upset, confused, happy, or frustrated. His expressions alone captivated the crowd.

Aside from all of the intensity, Vasquez’s personality really showed during the performance. He was a professional when it came to connecting with the crowd. It honestly looked like he was a natural singer, and his laid back and relaxed mannerisms made the show more fun. During the popular track, ‘Trashcan’, he went off stage and got a carton out of the trash outside, came back wearing it on his face like a hat, and continued to sing the song, referring to the song title. At one point he was singing while his guitar pick was pursed between his lips. Yet, somehow, he was able to sing the lyrics nearly perfectly. The crowd was also lucky enough to see the song, ‘Patriarch’, off of the new album performed live for the first time. He began this tune off while laying flat on the ground. It is unbelievable how Vasquez is able to perform at such high quality while making it appear effortless. The raw sound of his voice and his ability to produce such high pitched screams will always be a mystery.

The lead guitarist, William Mclaren, is an amazing performer. Anyone who can twirl around on his back while playing the guitar perfectly is not only a talented musician but also a cdelta spirit3rowd pleaser. Mclaren was everywhere on stage. You would think his guitar was simply an extension to his hand- everything he played was performed flawlessly.

Delta Spirit had fun, and there was no doubt the crowd did too. The energy was great throughout the entire show. Delta came back for an encore and ended up playing three songs. There was a connection between the band and the audience and it was obvious.

The tour has just begun and anyone who can make a trip to see Delta Spirit at one of their upcoming shows would regret it if they didn’t go. Thinking about any flaws from the show would be pointless. Be sure to check out our 9.5/10 review of “Into The Wide”, the latest album from Delta Spirit!







[Shannon Williams]

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