[Show Review + Gallery] War Eternal Tour ft. Arch Enemy + More – Baltimore, MD – 10/23/2014

The War Eternal Tour made the first stop of it’s 26-city trek in Baltimore last night. Headlined by Arch Enemy, the tour brought Kreator as direct support, along with Huntress and Starkill. With absolutely no ideas of what to expect, we sent Terry (Scenes of Madness Photography) out to cover the show, and report on the element of surprise. What does the War Eternal Tour have in store? Check out his review and gallery below!

The night got off to a rocky start, doors were almost an hour late, and everything got pushed back. But openers Starkill, despite only having enough time to play 2 songs, told the crowd to give them all they got, and they sure as hell did. Unfortunately, before they ever really got started, their set was over. These guys can absolutely bring it though, and I look forward to the next opportunity to see them.

Huntress took the stage next, a little bit late, but they were able to fire off 5 songs. Their stage was extremely tight, but front woman Jill Janus still found a way to move from side to side, interacting with her guitarists and climbing the railings on the side of the stage

*Huntress Setlist*
Spell Eater
Destroy Your Life
Black Tongue
I Want To Fuck You To Death

Kreator was next, hailing from Essen, Germany. A majority of the crowd seemed to be really into Kreator, and they had some of the craziest mosh pits, circle pits, and eve a wall of death. Despite everyone’s sets being cut short and not starting on time, their set seemed to fall in place perfectly, and slayed their hour long set that consisted of 14 songs.

*Kreator Setlist*
Violent Revolution
Civilization Collapse
Extreme Aggression
Impossible Brutality
Enemy of God
Voices of the Dead
Endless Pain
Victory Will Come
Mars Mantra
Phantom Antichrist
Hordes of Chaos
Pleasure to Kill

Finally, the nights headliner, Arch Enemy took the stage. Following the departure of vocalist Angela Gossow, Alissa White-Gluz (formally of The Agonist) took over as the bands new vocalist. Arch Enemy Powered through an 18 song set, lasting almost 90 minutes. The mix of songs, old and new, proved to be no challenge for Alissa, who took the stage and owned the set like she’d been in the band since the beginning. You never would have guessed she’s only been with the band 6 months, and only performed a handful of shows. Honestly, with as many female-fronted bands as I’ve covered, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an energetic front woman before. She proved why Arch Enemy is headling, and why you should go out and catch your local date of the War Eternal Tour. You don’t want to miss it!

*Arch Enemy Setlist*
Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude in F minor)
Enemy Within
War Eternal
Revolution Begins
My Apocalypse
You Will Know My Name
Bloodstained Cross
Under Black Flags We March
As the Pages Burn
Dead Eyes See No Future
No Gods, No Masters
Dead Bury Their Dead
Khaos Overture
Yesterday is Dead and Gone
Blood on Your Hands
*Encore 2*
Snow Bound
Fields of Desolation
Enter the Machine

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