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ALBUM REVIEW – “MoBaDi Lives!” by Morning Banana Diet

Alright time for an album review designed to get press to a tiny hometown band that otherwise definitely wouldn’t get any. Morning Banana Diet have adorned the Hagerstown music scene since 2011, honing and giddily crafting what can best be called “progressive punk” for those who dare enter their airspace. The wild and scattered influences […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me” by Major League

Early 2000’s post hardcore is NOT dead! There’s Nothing Wrong With Me is a raunchy slice of “super serious” pop punk” with edgy icing, a pool full of hooks with dark brooding vocals mixed in, it’s….it’s a lot of metaphors. This album is up there with The Greatest Generation as a hallmark of what “serious” pop punk is capable of, […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Keep You” by Pianos Become the Teeth

Keep You is not The Lack Long After, it will never be The Lack Long After, it does not try to be The Lack Long After and it is absolutely a worthy successor to The Lack Long After. Any comparisons between the two records are moot, stupid and will fall short. Lack was an album with a thousand different moments where […]

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There’s something about a musical trio that make them stand out from the rest of their peers. Blink-182, Muse, Motorhead, and Green Day are a few names that come to mind that have become staples in the world of music. Enter Pvris, who hail from Lowell, MA who signed to Rise Records earlier this year […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Coma Witch” by The Acacia Strain

Basically every album from The Acacia Strain is a further thought out attempt to tell all of humanity how doomed they are. It’s their sound, their “niche” if you want to be so bold, and it works. After apparently figuring out that making an album long breakdown (Wormwood, a great album to be sure, but […]

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