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Song Review – “No Ordinary Love” by Memphis May Fire

Well, I didn’t expect to see a release so soon so it hit me like a train when I heard the word spreading about a new Memphis May Fire song. This song is definitive Memphis May Fire; featuring familiar gritty unclean and clean vocals from Matty Mullins backed by metal core riffs a pretty catchy […]

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Album Review – “Fight The Silence” by For Today

The Iowan metal cavalry known as For Today recently released their fifth studio release titled “Fight The Silence.” The band is known for their message-driven music, providing insight on various issues and the subject of religion itself and they continue to break barriers with this new record. 1)      Molotov – This is a really strong […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Restoring Force” by Of Mice & Men

Well, music lovers all around, we’ve got ourselves a good one today and one I’ve been waiting for quite some time now. The highly anticipated third studio album from Rise Records band Of Mice & Men, titled “Restoring Force”. The band has described the album as the middle ground after “The Flood”, which was their second studio […]

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Song Review – “Never Lose Your Flames” by Issues

Since their inception into the Rise Records family, Issues have managed to keep themselves strong and noticeable by setting a new bar to the metalcore genre, especially when they are categorized as being in the same pool as many generic bands out there who tend to stick with the same formula. However, with the aid […]

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Song Review – “Naysayer” by Architects (UK)

From second one, Sam Carter’s vocals attack the ears with support from the aggressive but impressive drumming and background instrumentation. I found myself enchanted by the infectious vocals as Carter commands his audience and carries the three minute and a half song on his own two feet. The song then hits a breakdown at the […]

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