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ALBUM REVIEW – “The Angst In My Veins” by Capsize

It is a really good thing The Angst In My Veins is an amazing record because the title is an utterly annoying piece of wordcraft that leaves a taste of bad 2006 emo-pop on the tongue. Granted it’s taken from the title of one of the songs, but still. First things first: this is a heavy record, in […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Blackout” by Affiance

Thank goodness non-ironic power metalcore is a thing. Where would the world be without bands that combined face melting solos, stratospheric vocal melodies, lots of references to fighting/fire/badass things/emotional turmoil….and breakdowns? Too many bands take themselves way too seriously nowadays, eschewing talent for effort towards their image. Enter Cleveland Ohio’s Affiance, and their latest effort Blackout. […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Blood Work” by Texas In July

Metalcore is a tricky tricky genre to be a part of these days. More bands are tuning lower and lower, relying more on studio “tricks”, and replacing real instruments with samples or emulators. The amount of thought required to keep up with the genre keeps getting lower and lower, being mainstream and “brutal” are now somehow […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “I Am King” by Code Orange

Absolutely no one in the known universe does hardcore like Code Orange. Few bands have gone to such lengths to cultivate the oppressive image that the Pittsburgh quintet have. With just handful of demos and a single legitimate full length under their belt, CO has become *the* up and coming band in modern hardcore, with a […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Language” by The Contortionist

     The Contortionist, known for grinding together a wide variety of angular and calculated takes on the progressive metal genre (also called”djent” if you really want to go there), are growing up. In 2013 vocalist/keyboardist Jon Carpenter left the group, and was replaced by Mike Lessard and Eric Guenther (the new standalone keyboard player). […]

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