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ALBUM REVIEW – “Rock Or Bust” by AC/DC

If ever there was an album on which AC/DC were going to make a significant shift from their sonic blueprint – the most successful blueprint in the history of popular music – this would be it. Lynchpin rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young’s illness has kept him from performing here, if not from the songwriting process, and […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Guilty Pleasure” by Attila

Everybody has their guilty pleasures when it comes to music. Whether it’s a taste for extra mature cheesy 80s glam rock or an uncanny enjoyment of the latest One Direction single, people do feel shame for liking some of the music they like, which is in of itself a shame, as one should be allowed […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Black Widow” by In This Moment

One accusation that could never be levelled at In This Moment is that they’ve repeated themselves. The comprehensive revision of their sound that comes with each album has consistently kept the group’s fanbase on their toes, not least after the breakout success of 2012’s Blood. That its successor is perhaps the least significant stylistic shift […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “The Endless River” by Pink Floyd

If nothing else served to justify the existence of another Pink Floyd album, it was the news that The Endless River had unseated One Direction’s Midnight Memories as the most pre-ordered album in the history of Amazon UK. In a deeper sense, mind, there were things left unsaid (as the album’s opening track clarifies) in […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “White Noise” by PVRIS

Whether or not their reputation as purveyors of stock breakdown-centric metalcore was part of the inspiration for Rise Records to take on an act as different and intriguing as PVRIS can only be known to those responsible, but the signing hasn’t half caused a stir. Drawing on equal measure from shimmering gothic synthpop as driving […]

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