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ALBUM REVIEW – “Hesitant Alien” by Gerard Way

The brilliance of My Chemical Romance was difficult to pin down on a single one of their members, their music almost always coming off as the bountiful fruits of collaboration and deep-rooted chemistry. In the aftermath of last year’s surprising but understandable split, it was therefore difficult to ascertain what shape their inevitable solo ventures […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Little Machines” by Lights

Watching an artist develop and evolve over time is one of the most exciting things a real music fan gets the privilege to do. It’s often all the more rewarding when the musician(s) never attain(s) the popularity you believe they deserve. Case in point is Canadian electropop singer-songwriter Lights, whose synthy bubblegum tunes have gathered a hoard […]

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ALBUM REVIEW – “Royal Blood” (Self-Titled)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next big thing. Bridging the gap between indie and “proper” rock music has always proven difficult, but that’s exactly what Royal Blood are looking likely to do. Incorporating both the innate coolness and universal melodicism of indie, and the balls and bloody-mindedness of all good rock music, the inventive […]

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[Photo Gallery & Review] Carnivores Tour ft. Linkin Park & AFI – 8/13/14 – Bristow, VA

The “Carnivores Tour” featuring co-headliners Linkin Park and Thirty Seconds To Mars came through Bristow, VA marking the fourth stop of one of the most arguably stacked tours this summer.

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ALBUM REVIEW – “The Hunting Party” by Linkin Park

The musical development of most bands is easy to chart. A nascent debut record’s sound is built upon over the course of a career, each successive release taking what came before and tweaking the formula incrementally. Since 2007 and the release of ‘everything-except-rap-metal’ transition record Minutes to Midnight, the previously easy to pigeonhole Linkin Park […]

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