[Photo Gallery] Crowd Surf America Tour – 8/16/2014 – Silver Spring, MD

The “Crowdsurf America Tour” consisting of co-headliners Chiodos and Blessthefall made their way to The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, August 16th. Australian imports I Killed The Prom Queen and Capture The Crown provided support for the show which kicked off promptly at 6:30. Capture The Crown, who recently released their sophomore effort “Reign Of Terror”, started off the show to a less than responsive crowd. Fortunately for Capture The Crown, they had a handful of loyal fans holding the pit down for the Australian quartet during their thirty minute set. The set culminated with a somewhat predictable, yet effective, wall of death which all the attendees happily participated because why not? Respect to the group for performing as if they were playing a headlining set for their fans unlike some bands that solely perform off crowd participation. The group’s latest effort “Reign Of Terror” is out now through Artery Recordings. Be sure to check out our official album review of “Reign Of Terror”.

Capture The Crown

Picking up where Capture The Crown left off. I Killed The Prom Queen took the stage to a crowd that reacted the exact opposite to the previous band. Marking the group’s second appearance of the year in the Maryland area, IKTPQ made sure the journey from their homeland of Australia was worth the trip to the states in giving the Fillmore one hell of a performance. The on-stage chemistry between Jamie Hope and Jona Weinhofen was excellent as they brought to life older songs and songs from “Beloved” on stage. “Beloved” is out now through Epitaph Records. If you missed IKTPQ on this tour, fear not as the group will return to the States with ISSUES on their fall tour. Be sure to check out our official album review of “Beloved”.

I Killed The Prom Queen

Once Capture The Crown and I Killed The Prom Queen finished warming the crowd up with their respective sets, it was time for Chiodos to hit the stage. It’s crazy to think it’s been two years since Chiodos reunited with Craig Owens and Derrick Frost, but time does heal all wounds and it was apparent on stage that the group was indeed enjoying performing with each other once again. Sprinkling in songs from “Devil” along with classics such as “Letters from Janelle” and “Baby, You Wouldn’t Last A Minute On The Creek” made for one of the strongest sets the band has put on. Chiodos will hit the road once again in the states with A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and Motionless In White as part of “The Parks and Devastation Tour“. Check out our official album review of Chiodos’ latest album “Devil”, which is out now through Razor and Tie. Our gallery of Chiodos’ “Devil’s Dance Tour” featuring Emarosa, Our Last Night and ’68 is also available for viewing.


Any positive thing written about blessthefall’s set that evening would be an understatement. From the moment the group stepped on stage, it was clear it wasn’t a performance. It was one huge party with moshpits forming throughout the crowd. A large portion of the setlist came from 2013’s “Hollow Bodies” but that was very okay with the crowd as they yelled the words back at the band. A particular highlight of the performance was in the middle of performing “Youngbloods”, vocalist Beau Bokan pulled out a large inflatable shark and was joined by a fan who then stage-dived with Bokan with the shark. Despite being on the road for a year promoting “Hollow Bodies” non-stop, blessthefall showed no signs of fatigue, delivering a performance that was worth the price of admission and then some. “Hollow Bodies” is out now through Fearless Records, our gallery of blessthefall’s “Hollow Bodies Tour” can be seen at this location. We also sat down with guitarist Eric Lambert before the show to discuss the future of blessthefall, check out the full chat at this location.


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