RichardThinks Presents: 16 Bands To Watch At Vans Warped Tour 2014

The 20th edition of the Vans Warped Tour is nearly upon us as bands, crew, and the like begin preparations for the three month trek across the United States and Canada. As per tradition, RichardThinks has compiled a list of bands performing this year attendees should check out.

This year’s feature is our most exciting yet, as it’s the first to feature contributions from all of our staff members into one list as a guide to our readers! Without further ado, check out RichardThinks’ official list of bands performing this year year to check out! Did we miss anyone? Were you planning on already checking some of these bands out?

TD – ScenesofMadness
MB – fear0ftheduck
MR – emararr
SE – saraheckstine

(Warner Bros. Records – Journey’s Stage, Playing 6/13-8/3)

Last summer, Echosmith gained the attention of many attendees at Warped Tour and because of it, was granted to play the rest of the tour by Kevin Lyman when they were only scheduled to play a portion of the tour. Ever since last summer’s Warped Tour, Echosmith has gone on to release their fantastic debut album, “Talking Dreams”, and are set to release “Acoustic Dreams” right before Warped kicks off. One of the most exciting indie pop acts today, their energetic live shows isn’t one to be missed! (-RR)

Neck DeepNeck Deep
(Hopeless Records – Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage, Playing 6/13 – 8/3)

Just finishing up their first North American tour UK pop-punkers ‘Neck Deep’ are back for more. Being a band for just over two years Neck Deep have quickly made a name for themselves not only in their hometown country of the UK, but around the world as well. Signed to ‘Hopeless Records’ alongside bands like All Time Low and Taking Back Sunday, the band will be playing the Kevin Says stage for the entirely of Warped Tour this year. Be sure to catch them now on one of the smaller stages, aggressively finger-pointing along with the rest of their pop-punk crew, because there’s no doubt that Neck Deep’s fame will still be growing even after they take over the main stage. (-SE)

ETIDEvery Time I Die
(Epitaph Records – Monster Energy Stage, Playing 6/13-8/3)
One of the most important bands out there today, Every Time I Die have been delivering destructive performances for years. The band will also be releasing their new album, “From Parts Unknown”, on July 1st in the midst of Warped Tour. You can count on, not only the band performing new songs off “From Parts Unknown”, but the band will have one of the rowdiest crowds of the day. Get involved in the closest pit near you during their performance. (-RR)

WAITCWe Are The In Crowd
(Hopeless Records – Warheads Stage, Playing 6/13-8/3)

Fresh off a headline tour in support of their new album “Weird Kids”, We Are The In Crowd are set to return for their third summer on this year’s Vans Warped Tour. The five piece group always bring an energetic show, and since the release of “Weird Kids”, their live show has only become more memorable. Don’t miss it. (-TD)

enter_shikariEnter Shikari
(Ambush Reality/Hopeless Records – Kia Soul Stage, 7/9 – 8/3)

Nowadays, the fusion of hardcore and electronic dance music is done to death – when Enter Shikari first hit the scene, they were cutting edge pioneers, and have remained two steps ahead of the pack with each new release. Currently immersed in recording sessions for their fourth album, Warped may well be a platform for previewing some new tunes. Regardless of what setlist they’ll play, they’re veterans of the tour who’ll know exactly how to whip up a storm in 2014. (-MB)

The Color Morale

(Fearless Records – Monster Energy Stage, Playing 6/13-8/3)

The immense hype and anticipation is finally over, The Color Morale are on Warped Tour.  With a following that borders on cult status, TCM will be under immense pressure from non fans  to bring a performance that is up to standard.  If the countless fan testimonies hold any weight, there won’t be anyone left doubting the band’s integrity and talent.  Few bands can say they “deserve” to break out on the Warped stage like The Color Morale can. (-MR)

AaronWestAaron West and The Roaring Twenties
(Hopeless Records – Acoustic Basement, Playing 7/6-7/11)

Vans Warped Tour 2014 will be the first place to catch Dan “Soupy” Campbell’s of The Wonder Years new project in a live setting. Combining elements of folk and jazz, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties have created something unique that will make them the stand-out act of the all the performances in the Acoustic Basement this year on Warped Tour. Writing this off as b-sides from The Wonder Years’ would be an incorrect statement as Soupy has truly created something unique with Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. See it for yourself at the Acoustic Basement if Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties will be performing at your date! (-RR)

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
(Fearless Records – Ernie Ball Stage – Playing 6/13-8/3)
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, hailing from Paris, France, stick out as one of the more unique bands on this year’s Vans Warped Tour. These days, you hear a lot of “this band sounds like that band”, CNCC, however remains in their own category, cranking out unique and original riffs, vocals, and even your occasional Ke$ha and Smash Mouth Covers. Catch them on the Ernie Ball Stage, you won’t be disappointed! (-TD) 

Fit For A King
(Ernie Ball Stage – Solid State Records, Playing 7/15-8/3)Fit For A King are currently in the midst of recording the follow-up to “Creation|Destruction” and you can be sure the band will be previewing new material at this year’s Vans Warped Tour. Ryan Kirby is one of the most energetic front-men today, and Warped Tour will be the perfect opportunity for the band to increase their already dedicated fan base. Unfortunately, Fit For A King will only be playing the second half of Warped Tour, but for the lucky attendees that can catch their performance, make it a point to do so. (-RR)

(Red Bull Records – Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage, Playing 6/13 – 8/3)

The rise of Caleb Shomo has been unstoppable, from his days in Attack Attack! to more feral current project Beartooth. Set to unleash their debut LP Disgusting on June 10th, their Warped Tour shows will be the first opportunity to hear much of it in a live environment. Having more than held their own in the UK on tour with Of Mice & Men and Issues, they’ll have a head of steam that will only increase the intensity of their frenetic, in your face live show. (-MB)

TDWPThe Devil Wears Prada
(Roadrunner Records – Kia Soul Stage, Playing 6/13 – 8/3)

It’s no wonder why Roadrunner Records’ The Devil Wears Prada will be playing main stage this year. With the recent release of their fifth studio album ‘8:18’ topping both the Christian and Rock charts coming in close behind Avenged Sevenfold, the band from Dayton, OH has shown no signs of slowing down. Being their first year playing Warped Tour since 2011 the band has a lot to live up to, and they’re more than ready to blow everyone away. (SE)

(Rise Records – Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage, Playing 6/13 – 7/13)

Dangerkids have had quite the year since releasing their debut album, “Collapse”, late last year. From sharing the stage with the likes Of Sleeping With Sirens, We Came As Romans, Silverstein, and The Devil Wears Prada they’re ready to bring their thrilling live performance to audiences everywhere on this year’s Vans Warped Tour. (- RR)

Parkway-DriveParkway Drive
(Epitaph Records – Kia Soul Stage, Playing  7/2 – 8/3)

There are bands with the ability to stir multiple moshpits and a sea of crowdsurfers with a few notes of their music; and then there’s Parkway Drive. One of the most reliably fun and energetic live outfits on the planet today, every show they play is an absolute party from start to finish, inspiring absolute devotion from the crowd, who often play as much a role in the performance as the band themselves. Show up, jump around and enjoy Australia’s finest as they tear Warped Tour a new one. (-MB)

The Word Alive
(Fearless Records – Monster Energy Stage, Playing 6/13-8/3)
As seen on our “Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014” feature from earlier this year; this summer may be the most important time period of The Word Alive’s career thus far. With the release of their upcoming new album, “Real“, what better way to celebrate the release than a slot on this year’s Vans Warped Tour? Of course, you can expect the group to perform material from “Real”, but add in cuts from their past releases and you have yourself an electrifying performance. Not to mention vocalist Telle Smith’s signature backflip during the bridge of the title track off 2012’s “Life Cycles”! Don’t miss out! (-RR)

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

CuteIsCute Is What We Aim For
(Unsigned – Warheads Stage,  Playing 6/13-8/3)

Cute Is What We Aim For are poised to make an extremely important comeback at Warped this year.  Everyone remembers the group that made the clever and flirtatious The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch, but few noticed the staggering maturity that showed in the ensuing Rotation.  After emerging from a 6 year hiatus as a full band, it seems that all eyes are once again on the trio to finally enlighten on material they’ve merely teased at recently. (-MR)

(Rise Records – Journey’s Stage, Playing 6/13-8/3)

ISSUES have had a tremendous year following the release of their Billboard #9 debut of their self-titled record this past February and are ready to take this year’s Vans Warped Tour by storm. Truly a breath of fresh air since their debut EP back in 2012, they have been climbing the ranks of the scene and only will continue to grow. Get to Warped Tour early, I guarantee ISSUES will get bumped up for early morning Main Stage slots. (-RR)

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